One Big Office


Founder & Director of One Big Office

Welcome to the heart of innovation and efficiency – I’m Melanie Pittman, the driving force behind One Big Office. My journey in the realm of marketing and systems automation spans years of dedicated work, during which I’ve designed, created, and implemented a myriad of marketing funnels, sales funnels, and project flow funnels. My expertise lies in seamlessly integrating automation and logic to maintain a fluid customer life cycle, ensuring the success of both the customer and small businesses alike.

A Guide for Visionaries

I am passionate about guiding business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals. My role extends beyond consultancy; I immerse myself in your world to bring your unique vision and ideals into the very core of your marketing, sales, fulfillment, and workflow systems. My approach is tailored to support creative and visionary business owners, helping them connect meaningfully with prospects, and inspiring those prospects to become loyal clients. I am committed to being a part of the movement that propels your small business forward.

Turning Visions into Reality

With years of hands-on experience in marketing and systems automation, I am adept at capturing and reflecting your vision both in your external marketing efforts and internal project flows. My presence offers a grounding and reassuring touch, while my strategies and designs are known for their effectiveness and power. I’m here to amplify your unique expression into the world.

A Career Built on Connection and Management

Before founding One Big Office, I spent a significant part of my career in administration and office management. This experience honed my skills in connecting with clients and colleagues, addressing their needs with empathy and assurance, and letting them know that they truly matter. Simultaneously, I managed accounts, navigated software systems, and worked tirelessly to ensure smooth and successful operations within the office environment. This diverse background forms the foundation of my understanding of both the human and technical sides of business operations.


Free 30-Minute Consultation

Transform your business with strategic automation solutions. Elevate customer experiences through a blend of technical precision and human-centered design. Collaborate for success – whether a startup or established business, empower your vision in the digital age.